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Curriculum enrichment

Butterfly Release

Meldon pupils have been looking after caterpillars this half term as part of their ‘Bug’ topic.¬† Each caterpillar soon turned into a chysallis and then eventually hatched into a beautiful butterfly.¬† The class then watched as the five butterflies were released into the wild.


Fernworthy's Music Share Day

Year Three and Year Four pupils from seven local feeder primary schools today joined at South Dartmoor Community College for a celebration of music making currently taking place in schools and beyond.

The day opened with performances from a variety of South Dartmoor music ensembles and then continued with a number of workshops led by music teachers, instrumental tutors and students.

The day culminated in a performance for all showcasing Primary Schools and pieces learnt within the workshops.¬† St Mary’s performed the song they had been practising called ‘This is Me.’

Philosophy and Ethics Day

Some of our Year 4 pupils attended a Philosophy and Ethics Day at South Dartmoor Community College, along with pupils from lots of other feeder primary schools.

Dartmoor Zoo

To launch their animal topic, Meldon Class went to visit Dartmoor Zoo.


As part of their topic about Dragons, pupils in Venford Class constructed their own pneumatic systems to create their own dragons.  The children also wrote some instructions to explain to others how they worked.  Some people also performed a Chinese New Year Dragon dance!

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