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Curriculum enrichment

Falcon Visit

We learnt about nocturnal animals and read the story of ‘Owl babies’. Mr Taylor brought in his falcon and talked about birds of prey – where they live, how they eat and how they fly.

Greatest Showman Day

Following a term where the film, ‘The Greatest Showman’ has played a key part in Burrator’s curriculum, it seemed fitting that the children spent the majority of their Enterprise Project earnings on a Greatest Showman themed day complete with circus tent and magician!

Armada Ahoy!

Burrator pupils performed the play, ‘Armada Ahoy’, for parents/carers and the whole school community at the Leavers’ Assembly.  The children had  been introduced to the script during a Play in a Day Workshop, and then practised their parts for the next few days before presenting it to a packed audience.

Science Week

Pupils at St Mary’s have taken part in a special ‘Science Week’ which has covered a number of different topics ranging from rocket building, balloon powered cars, ecology and experiments linked to the heart, including some close analysis of the heart itself.

Buckfast Storytelling Festival 2018

Pupils from St Mary’s were invited to the Story Telling Festival at Buckfast Abbey.   The children were treated to stories from a number of different storytellers who had come to Buckfast for the festival.

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