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Radio Devon Christmas Day Broadcast

Some of our pupils were invited to take part in the special Radio Devon service which took place in Buckfast Abbey and was broadcast on Christmas Day.  The theme of the service was ‘Millennium’ as 2018 marks the start of the millennium celebrations for Buckfast Abbey.  Four pupils in Burrator Class were asked to write and then read their own reflections on what they hope for the next millennium.  Take a look at their thoughts below:


If I look back over the last 1000 years it is amazing to see how things have changed. People have changed, technology runs the world and we are more knowledgeable than ever.

Who knows what the next millennium will bring? Perhaps humanoid robots will take over or even we might find a whole new solar system!

I hope that the next 1000 years will bring a solution to world hunger. It is unfair that some people have lots of food yet others have nothing. Even in our country there are people going hungry every day. I would like to see everyone sharing what they have with people less fortunate. This could be food, clothes, homes or even simple love and care. We need to support the farmers and producers of our food now, so that there will be enough resources left for the future. We need to make sure we are growing, farming, and fishing with a thought to what might happen over the next 1000 years.


A millennium is a very long time. Many changes have happened over the last 1000 years but still there are things that need to improve.

I hope that the next millennium will bring peace to all nations around the world. Every year there are wars, fighting and terror that seem unnecessary to me as a 10 year old. I cannot be the only one to think this and so I hope that over the next 1000 years we learn to love and treat other people as we would want to be treated ourselves. No more suffering, no more fighting no more needless deaths anywhere in the world.

I want there to be a world where people care about and look after each other no matter what they look like, believe in or where they live.


The next 1000 years could mean many changes to our world. Our planet is running low on resources and space. We keep taking more and more land and using it for buildings and roads. We are cutting down rainforests every day without a thought for the plants and wildlife that live there. There is no thought for what happens when all of this is gone. It will not magically come back or always be there without us doing something about it now.

Over the next 1000 years I hope that we find a way to look after our planet, to realise that animals and plants are precious and will not be there unless we look after them.

Perhaps new discoveries or even space travel will allow the Earth to repair itself from pollution and further damage.  I hope that we all have enough space to live, either here or on another planet, in harmony with nature.


I hope that in 1000 years the Earth, humans and all living things are still here. I know that global warming is a problem already. The Polar Regions are melting and sea levels are rising. The world is getting warmer and the weather more extreme every year. If this continues then the next 1000 years could be very different from the 1000 years we have had before now.

I wish that we could find a way to stop and even reverse the effects of global warming.  I hope that people become less selfish and wrapped up in their own little bubbles. I want everyone to see what is happening around us and in other parts of the world every day. The things that are important are the things we need to take care of. These things are: love, care, friendship, family, homes, living creatures, trees and plants, and our Earth’s precious resources above and below the ground.  I hope that everyone comes together to work on this dream to build a better world for all of us.

Shepherd's Story - Storytelling Session

Meldon Class and Fernworthy Class both visited the Guest Hall at the Abbey for a special storytelling session with Alison and Anna from the Education Centre.  The story was told from the shepherd’s point of view and then was followed by making some shepherd cards.


Christmas Carol Service

This year’s Carol Service was held in Buckfast Abbey Church, which included carols that had been learnt for the occasion, based on ‘Witnesses’ (Out of the Ark Music) and also included readers from Year 5 and 6.  Meldon Class dressed up as characters from the Christmas story and our School Choir also sang a number of carols.


Crib Blessings

Each class has led a crib blessing again this year at each of the Parish churches.  We learnt some readings and carols for the services and some of our parents/carers and parishioners came to support us.  Meldon Class had a special joint crib activity session in the school hall with Little Lambs, our toddler group.

School Council Governor visit

One of our governors, Mr Paddy Mahon, came into St Mary’s to have lunch with the school council and Mrs Manley who has been working with the school council.  Here are some notes from his governor report about his visit:

When asked ‘why did you join the Council?’ there was a range of
thoughtful answers. ‘my best friend was one it so I thought I would try’ ‘wanted to
help the other children’ ‘make sure everything was fair’ ‘make sure every one could
tell me things and I would ask the others’ All the group around the table contributed
to the discussion in a very positive way and I had the feeling they all took the
representation very seriously.

We discussed their view of the school. The possessiveness and eagerness of
the answers was most impressive. ‘small and friendly’ ‘get involved’ ‘more friends’
‘know lots of children’ ‘Buddy system’ ‘good atmosphere, like this library’ ‘Outdoor
Ed is great’ ‘Carol singing makes everyone happy’ ‘School colourful and clean’
‘School trips and Special Days ( Roman, Victorians)’ …‘Teachers very friendly’ ‘good helpers’ ‘dinners just
like home cooking’.

Wish List : This filled the air with suggestions. ‘Top playground more like the lower,
have a equipment store’, ‘things to play on/climb’ ‘cook and eat the fruit from our trees’
‘build spaces for creatures’,‘bigger goal posts – easier to score’ ,‘board games day’,
‘race track’, ‘more sports equipment’ ,‘sponsored cleaning in woodland area’ ,‘children’s choice of meals once a term’...

This was a very enjoyable visit, not just for a tasty lunch but also for the positive
contributions from the children, their enthusiasm, their commitments to the School
Council, their willingness to listen to other points of view and support for each other.
I appreciate that to get to this level takes a deal of time and effort. Thank you to Mrs
Manley for her time and to the rest of the staff for all their hard work. The children
were a credit to your all.

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