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Meldon Class

All pupils at St Mary’s benefit from using a diverse outdoor learning environment, to support their learning. The school is fortunate to have a large field, woodland habitat walk and woodland area to use for a number of outdoor education activities throughout the year. Key Stage Two also have the opportunity to achieve the John Muir Award each year.

Meldon's Vegetable Garden

Meldon Class have grown lots of vegetables in their new vegetable garden.  So far this year they have harvested broad beans, potatoes and purple sprouting.



Learning afternoons

Fernworthy, Burrator and Venford Classes have all prepared learning afternoons. The children shared their learning through teaching others about what they have recently learnt. Fernworthy ran a Roman afternoon, where they demonstrated a Roman battle march and even had also had special Roman food to try! Venford had a special afternoon about their ‘It’s F..f..freezing’ topic and pupils worked together as ‘teams’ of experts.  In Burrator, pupils talked to parents and carers from across the school about maths, explaining how it is taught and what children are expected to know in different year groups. There was also the chance for the adults to try out some SATs questions!

Meldon's Train Trip

Meldon Class took a trip on the steam train to visit the Rare Breeds Farm in Totnes. The class had been learning about transport and were very excited to go on a real train – for some children it was their very first trip on a train!

Meldon Chicks

As part of their topic about ‘Growing’, Meldon Class have had the chance to have some eggs which they watched hatch and then look after the baby chicks. The chicks had a special box which helped to keep them warm and had grain and water to eat and drink. All of the children had the chance to visit Meldon to see the chicks as well. The chicks have now left St Mary’s and gone back to the farm.

Bears Celebration

To celebrate the end of their ‘Bears’ topic, Meldon pupils invited parents and carers to their Teddy Bears’ Picnic.

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