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Olympic Bid Enterprise Day

As part of St Mary’s involvement in the Global Development Network with other local schools, pupils were invited to take part in an Olympic Bid Day.  Children were put into groups to create a ‘Dragon Den’ style presentation to persuade a panel that their city was the best to host the Olympic Games.  The pupils also had to create a logo and mascot to accompany the bid.  The presentation had to be underpinned by a set of sustainable principles, known as The One Planet Living Principles, which the 2012 London bid was based on.  The One Planet Living principles are:
· zero carbon (reducing carbon dioxide emissions, maximise energy efficiency, maximise use of low carbon and local renewable energy sources, distributed heating, cooling and power network),
· zero waste (reducing the amounts of waste produced, then reclaiming, recycling and recovering),
· sustainable transport (reducing the need to travel and providing sustainable alternatives to private cars),
· local and sustainable materials (reclaimed, recycled, local construction materials),
· local and sustainable food (local, seasonal, healthy, organic, composting),
· sustainable water (reduce water demand, water recycling, rainwater harvesting,
sewage fed into energy production),
· natural habitats and wildlife (existing biodiversity conserved, waterways rejuvenated,
buildings design to minimise ecological impact),
· culture and heritage (development to reflect local heritage, support diversity)
· equity and fair trade, (create a sense of community, fair trade procurement, ethical
business transactions)
· health and happiness (participation, consultation, safe and secure facilities for
community after the Games).

St Mary’s pupils were given Exeter as their city and came second overall out of all of the groups so a fantastic achievement, well done!

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