For two days, Avon classroom was transformed into a Prayer Space. A Prayer Space begins from the premise that children and young people are naturally curious and have lots of questions about life. They are designed to give children (and adults) a chance for reflection, to think about themselves and others and some of the bigger questions that they may have about life and their faith. Prayer Spaces don’t demand a particular faith background, although are broadly Christian in their starting points. There is more information available on the ‘Prayer Spaces website at

In the Prayer Space, there are a range of different prayer stations, each one with a different focus for reflection. I know that the children (and adults) thoroughly enjoyed the experience, giving the opportunity for some ‘quiet time’ in a very busy learning environment. We hope to do something similar again in the summer term.

Here are some of the comments about the Prayer Space from the children:

‘I really liked the fact that once we lit the candle, we were all just quiet.’
‘It gave me a chance to think.’
‘We are usually really busy, but we had chance to be still.’
‘My favourite part was making someone special from playdough.’
‘I liked the plasma balls, I saw God’s face.’
‘I liked the forgiveness stones and the water’.
‘The Empty chair, it reminded me of my nan.’
‘I liked writing my thank you prayer.’
‘I had lots of questions that I wanted to ask God.’