Uniform items specific to St. Mary’s Catholic Primary School e.g. sweatshirts and t-shirts can be obtained from the school office.   These can also be ordered online through Brigade Clothing http://www.brigade.uk.com/direct/index.php.  Other non-specific items, e.g. trousers and skirts, are readily available from various retailers.

All children are expected to wear the school uniform which is:

  • a royal blue sweatshirt or cardigan
  • dark grey trousers or grey skirt (or pinafore)
  • white polo shirt
  • grey socks
  • black shoes or boots.

In the summer, pupils may wear:

  • a blue and white checked dress or;
  • grey shorts and white polo shirt
  • black closed toe sandals

Watches and small stud earrings are permitted, but for safety reasons jewellery must be removed (or earrings taped) for P.E. lessons. Hair accessories must be discrete and brown/ black or school colours.

For P.E lessons children wear a pale blue t-shirt, navy or black shorts and plimsoles or trainers (with the exception of nursery children, who do not need to wear PE kit).

In the winter months, jogging bottoms may be worn for outside lessons.  Due to the current COVID 19 restrictions, pupils are asked to come into school in PE kits on the days that they currently have PE, as listed below:

MELDON CLASS (Whole class but only Reception children wear PE kit) – Wednesday and Friday

VENFORD CLASS  (Year 1) – Tuesday and Wednesday

AVON CLASS (Year 2) – Monday and Friday

FERNWORTHY CLASS  (Year 3/4) – Tuesday and Friday

BURRATOR CLASS  (Year 5/6) – Tuesday and Thursday