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Prayer and Worship

Catholic Children's Society Mass

Our Pupil Chaplains attended the Catholic Children’s Society Annual Mass, held in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel at Buckfast Abbey and led by Bishop Mark O’Toole.

The children wrote and read prayers all based on the theme of ‘hope’ – these are the prayers that they shared at Mass:

We pray for hope children in our world: that world leaders may work co-operatively help each nation to live sustainably and to protect our beautiful world for future generations. Lord in your mercy…

We pray for all people who are committed to bringing hope to their communities: that our parish, family and friends may provide hope to all who have been affected by the COVID 19 pandemic. May the Church become a place of help and support to those who need it. Lord in your mercy…

We pray for those who are in need of your love at this time:

For those who are ill, give them hope

For those who are hungry, give them hope

For those who are frightened, give them hope

for those who are in poverty give them hope.

Lord in your mercy…

God of love, help us to share a sense of hope and love with others. Open our hearts so that we might welcome all who are in need of our help at this time. Lord in your mercy…
School Mass

School and Class Mass takes place in the school or at Buckfast Abbey.

Fr Dominic May and Fernworthy Class celebrated Mass in the school hall.
Burrator Class celebrated an Ascension Day Mass.